Victoria Cross

The National Miners’ Memorial will honour all of the miners that worked in the UK coal industry for over four hundred and fifty years, but a special tribute will be paid to those men who fought in the two World Wars and, particularly highlighting those who, for their exceptional bravery were awarded the Victoria Cross. Their courage and sacrifice will be remembered in a book that will be published in conjunction with the memorial, but here are some details of those VC winners which includes the citations of their wartime actions and their mining background.

Acton - Private Abraham

Acton – Private Abraham

17 December 1893 – 16 May 1915:- Abraham was born in Whitehaven Cumberland and was employed as a general labourer ...
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Angus - Lance Corporal William (Willie)

Angus – Lance Corporal William (Willie)

28 February 1888 – 14 June 1959:- William Angus was born in Cappers, Armadale and was employed as a miner ...
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Barter - Company Sergeant Major Frederick (Fred)

Barter – Company Sergeant Major Frederick (Fred)

17 January 1891 – 15 May 1952:- Frederick Barter was born in Cathays, Cardiff on 17 January 1891. He joined ...
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Beesley - Private William

Beesley – Private William

5 October 1895 – 23 September 1966:- William was born in Church Gresley, near Burton upon Trent, moving to Nuneaton ...
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Brookes - Lance Sergeant Oliver

Brookes – Lance Sergeant Oliver

31 May 1889 – 25 October 1940:- Oliver was born in Paulton, near Midsomer Norton, Somerset and worked at Norton ...
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Bryan - Lance Corporal Thomas

Bryan – Lance Corporal Thomas

21 January 1882 – 13 October 1945:- Thomas was born in Lye, Stourbridge but his family moved to Castleford, Yorkshire ...
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Butler - Private William Boynton

Butler – Private William Boynton

20 November 1894 – 25 March 1972:- William was born in Armley, Leeds. He was employed as a coal miner ...
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Bye - Sergeant Robert James

Bye – Sergeant Robert James

12 December 1889 – 23 August 1962:- Robert was born in Pontypridd and worked as a miner at, among others, ...
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Calvert - Sergeant Laurence

Calvert – Sergeant Laurence

16 February 1892 – 6 July 1964:- Laurence was born in Leeds. His father, a tinsmith, died when he was ...
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Chafer - Private George William (Willie)

Chafer – Private George William (Willie)

16 April 1894 – 1 March 1966:- George, known as Willie, was born in Bradford, Yorkshire. His father was unknown, ...
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