Private Henry Howey Robson

27 May 1894 – 4 March 1964:-

Henry was born in South Shields, County Durham. Before the war, he was a miner, probably at St Hilda’s Colliery, where his father worked. He enlisted in the 2nd Battalion Royal Scots (Lothian Region) in 1912.

On 14th December 1914 at Petit Bois, near Kemmel, Flanders, during an attack on a German position, Private Robson left his trench under very heavy fire and rescued a wounded NCO. Subsequently, during another attack, he tried to bring a second wounded man into cover, while exposed to heavy fire. In this attack he was wounded almost at once, but persevered in his efforts until wounded a second time.

He sold his VC to a doctor for £80 and used the money to pay for his passage to Canada, where he married and lived until his death.

His medal is held at The Royal Scots Museum, Edinburgh Castle.

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