Barter – Company Sergeant Major Frederick (Fred)

17 January 1891 – 15 May 1952:-

Frederick Barter was born in Cathays, Cardiff on 17 January 1891. He joined the Army in 1908 despite initially being rejected as his chest size was below minimum standard. He rose to the rank of Sergeant in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers Special Reserve.

After finishing his National Service he worked as a collier and stove repairer. He was recalled to the 1st Battalion Royal Welsh Fusiliers in August 1914.

On 16 May 1915 at Festubert, France, Company Sergeant-Major Barter aged 24, when in the first line of German trenches, called for volunteers to enable him to extend our line, and with the eight men who responded, he attacked the German position with bombs, capturing three German officers, 102 men and 500 yards of their trenches. He subsequently found and cut eleven of the enemy’s mine leads.

He went on to win the Cross of Saint George in 1915, and was awarded the Military Cross for his actions on the 10 April 1918 at El Kefr, Egypt.

After the war he lived in East Sussex with his wife, and during the Second World War was a major commanding 4/7th Company, 4th Middlesex Battalion, Home Guard.

Fred died in Bournemouth on 15 May 1952. His Victoria Cross is held at the Royal Welch Fusiliers Museum at Caernarfon Castle.

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